Reflect Your Brand in Your Office Space

Is your work space inspiring?  Does it reflect your company values and brand?  Do your employees feel energised and emotionally connected?

Your brand is at the heart of your organisation and allows you to become a recognisable, unique and trusted business. Your external brand is only part of the promise and equally important is your company culture, business objectives and corporate values and behaviours – what your company truly stands for.  This is the essence you want to incorporate into your office branding.

An office space that reflects a company’s culture, values and brand fosters a more engaged, productive and satisfied workforce.  It enhances employee understanding and adoption of business objectives and values and improves employee wellbeing and retention. Office branding delivers improved consistency and endorsement of the brand and improves how customers perceive the brand.   Your space allows you to bring your values to life and to create emotion that will truly engage your employees and customers.

Step 1 – Why Improve Your Brand?

Once you decide to improve your brand within your office space, the first question we ask is why?  Are you merging companies, are you making the move to more flexible working, do you wish to revitalise your space to broaden its appeal or are you moving into existing offices that need personalising?

Step 2 – Know Your Desired Outcome

Our next step is to understand your desired outcomes and what you want to achieve?  Are you looking to create more collaborative zones, provide relaxed and informal employee collaboration spaces, introduce a flexible working environment or improve the face of customer areas?

When Bolton Clarke became the new face of RSL Care, RDNS and Rally Homecare they commissioned us to ensure that their Head Office reflected their new brand to their customers.  Bolton Clarke is a people orientated organisation that provides at home support, retirement living and residential aged care services.  In contrast, the existing thereception and board room had a stark, industrial aesthetic more suited to the engineering firm that had previously occupied it.  Our brief was simple, create warmth and friendliness to reflect the Bolton Clarke values.  We were also tasked with incorporating the new logo into the board room in an imaginative way.

Our response was to utilise timber to warm up the dark stone reception desk and concrete rendered walls.  New lighting and furniture also brightened the area.  A large feature graphic in the corporate colours dominates reception and the smiles capture your attention immediately when you exit the lift doors.  The boardroom too has been softened with a three-dimensional graphic wall that emphasises the new logo creatively.

One of the services that we provide is a Customised Re-Branding Guide.  This allows clients who are re-branding, to update their facility or customise an existing space so that it reflects who they are and tells their story.   This is a fast-track, economical service for clients that require minimal or no reconfiguration to their space and do not require a full set of project documentation.

Every company is unique and has its own story to tell, let Adentro help you tell yours …

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