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Commercial Interior Design

Our commercial interior design projects come in every shape and size – from the Chung Tian Temple refurbishment with a value of $20 million, to a fit-out of 1,000m2 of office space, right down to a highly detailed retail space of 100m2.


Your Asset

The space you occupy is one of your greatest assets and typically your second largest business cost, after your people.  It should motivate and inspire!  It has the power to increase productivity, attract and retain talented staff and promote collaboration, flexibility and innovation. 


We aim to connect and transform your business space and give you a point of difference that will improve your staff retention and benefit your financial bottom line.

Our Partnership

Understanding the long-term objectives of your business is fundamental to ensure that we can create an environment in which you can achieve them. We listen carefully, communicate thoroughly and collaborate openly.


We like to understand how your people operate now – the space and resources they require to be engaged and productive – and how this may change in the future.  


Through collaborative partnerships with our clients and clear communication, we guide you through the planning, design and construction process with clarity and certainty.

Your Workplace Strategy

Creating a workplace strategy begins as early as possible in the planning process. It can inform the office size and location and ensure your organisation has flexibility for contraction or expansion over time.

Workplace strategy is all about understanding a business, anticipating change and challenging the way things are done to find unique opportunities to create value. Todays leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the powerful impact that the physical office environment has on their people, driving culture and contributing to higher performance.  

Workplace strategy is aligning your work patterns with your work environment to enable peak performance and reduced costs.

With a strong workplace strategy, we balance corporate requirements (such as reduced lease areas, efficient space planning and minimal churn costs) with a design that will support the individual needs of occupants and allow flexibility.  This increases productivity and in turn positively impacts your bottom line.

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We have built a reputation for delivering design solutions that reflect each companies ‘point of difference’ and are tailored to the people who use them.

Adentro Design is a Brisbane-based interior design studio focused on creating unique spaces that tell your story.  With 20+ years of experience, we have delivered exceptional outcomes in  commercial, resort, retail and residential spaces.  Our designs inspire, connect and drive productivity … or simply, spark joy!  Let us make the design process easy for you.